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     Need help maintaining a clean home? Look no further than LissonGroveCarpetCleaners, they offer excellent and reliable house cleaning services.
Willow M.17/05/2024
     Superb house tidying. The cleaning service ensured that I was well-informed about our appointment for meeting with the cleaner before they started their work.
     This flat has exceeded my expectations and I believe this will ensure an easy process for getting our deposit returned, all thanks to them!
Holly W.28/03/2024
     Thanks to deciding on new sofas, we could finally give our carpets a thorough cleaning and achieve a truly spotless home.
Francesca K11/03/2024
     From start to finish, we couldn't have asked for a better cleaning service experience, thanks to the professional and courteous cleaner who took care of our carpet with ease.
Maria E.01/03/2024
     My new home feels truly spotless after being cleaned by these efficient and dedicated professionals.
Randy F.15/02/2024
     Prices are always competitive with this fantastic company who ensures fast and effective work to all their clients.
Brendon K.02/02/2024
     Whenever I find myself in need of any cleaning solutions or help, Lisson Grove Carpet Cleaning is who I turn to and it's never failed me so far! Every instance has seen phenomenal results from their work - definitely a great company to deal with!
Hannah Pears03/05/2023
     These cleaners really know how to combine affordability with reliability - an excellent choice, and I'm looking forward to using their services again.
Krystal K.01/03/2023
     If you're looking for amazing services that are user friendly, then book with Lisson Grove Carpet Cleaner without hesitation! Their bookings and payments are super straightforward, I would highly advise people to check them out!
Tony V.10/02/2023
     When it comes to quality cleaning services, it doesn't get much better than LissonGroveCleaningCompany. Even though they had arrived 10 minutes late at my place, they soon made up for it by walking through my property and explaining exactly how well-prepared their crew is to take on tough jobs such as mine - prices are more than reasonable too!
      Carpet Cleaners Lisson Grove handled everything professionally and I was able to enjoy and make use of my visually stunning clean carpet again. Incredibly thankful for a great job.
Georgina M09/06/2020
      Lisson Grove Carpet Cleaning has 5-star service all round. Exceeded my expectations. The best office cleaning services.
      Carpet Cleaners Lisson Grove have performed several cleaning sessions for me, and on each occasion, they've left my property spotless.
J. Rawson27/02/2018
     I've found Carpet Cleaners Lisson Grove to be very professional and an all-round great company. I thank my lucky stars I hired their cleaning services when I did.
Bella T.20/11/2017
     I don't host parties often, but when I do, I call Lisson Grove Carpet Cleaning for help with home cleaning. I like things to be as nice as possible and this is where this company comes in.
B. Law28/06/2017
     The cleaners from LissonGroveCarpetCleaners have a great vibe and positive energy! Just the type of thing that my shop requires! I'm writing this to say that their cleaning services are not just always highly satisfactory, but all done with an excellent attitude and great professionalism. You always know that when you ask for something to be done it will be done, and that if you have any requests for different things to be cleaned that it won't be a problem. Thank you to your business a great deal! You are the only cleaning firm I will deal with!
F. Anderson23/10/2014
     I hope that all reading this will be in agreement with me when I say that you can't beat the value and service that LissonGroveCarpetCleaners provide. You never really know quite what you are going to get with a cleaner when you first get them round, but the fact is that this lot were amazing from the minute they turned up! I am pleased to remove the doubt and risk form other people's cleaning experiences by recommending that if you go with one cleaner, you make it LissonGroveCarpetCleaners every single time!
Jessica King31/07/2014
     My friends love having dinner parties and going to each other's homes for drinks and little catch ups. Whenever it's my turn to host something, I always find myself making excuses to cancel. I was very embarrassed of the state my home was in compared to everyone else's. I always tried to find the time to clean up but no matter what I did, I could never get it to look as good as everyone else's. My mum told me about LissonGroveCarpetCleaners so I gave them a go. I was so impressed by the results and so were my friends and now my home is the centre of all social events!
     If you are looking for affordable cleaning from a good company that you can trust, that have hardworking professional, reliable and friendly staff, then you must try LissonGroveCarpetCleaners because they are brilliant. I have so much trust in this company that I leave them a key to go in my home when I'm at work and when I get home in the evening the place looks awesome and I can just relax and enjoy it all. They are life savers for me because my schedule is so hectic and they will do any job I ask for, evening do the ironing for me, thanks so much for all of your help!
Linda D.08/05/2014